Sunday, April 22, 2012

Change. Is. Life.

     Change is good and bad.  It stretches, breaks, and grows you.  Recently one of my good friends who worked with me in the Galley left to go home and I am now stepping into her position.  Now I have the official title of "Cold Side Team Lead".  My job description doesn't change much but now I am responsible for making sure that everything is completed and completed well.  Cold Side in the Galley bleaches and washes all the fruit and vegetables; chops, slices, peels, or shreds the aforementioned; creates a salad bar with 6 different toppings (ranging from jalapenos to kidney beans to croutons to fruit, etc.), makes salad dressings, makes desserts or specialty breads, and scrubs floors and fridges.  Yes, that sounds like quite a list.  Not all is done at the same time though.  I was not looking forward to having to take over Emma's position.  She had been to culinary school and had worked as a chef for several years.  But, so far so good!  So up until Monday I was working by myself on Cold Side.  I always had Day Workers that I could pull from the dishroom to help me, but I was getting really eager to have another team member, ASAP.  Thankfully, Ken realized I needed all the help I could get and now Josh is working with me.  We've been having fun but now the girls in the kitchen are getting outnumbered...  Its funny to think that I'm in charge of one part of the Galley when I am literally the youngest one on the team.

     The last month in the Galley was one of the more difficult months.  The two main ovens that we use for heat and steam refused to work (one had a minor explosion), leaving us with one, smaller oven.  That meant no fresh bread from the baker (we bought local bread), desserts became more difficult, and dinner became more and more likely to be something fried.  Then the one steam kettle that was working decided it didn't want to anymore...but the electricians brought it back.  Then, Lucy 1 and 2, our vegetable choppers/food processors, worked only half the time.  Oh the stories....  It became laughable sometimes to see what was working.  Yet thanks to our patient and talented electricians, everything (except one steam kettle) is back!

   Anyways,  I finally took some pictures while I was at work, more will come eventually!  I promise!

The Coffeecake I made this morning, but that's only half of the pans...  It was really good!

Cooked coffeecake

"We're going on a fly hunt, I'm not afraid, got my trusty rag...."

Making bruschetta for a birthday party later that night, like my Ghana jersey?

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  1. Love your Ghana jersey, and the food looks amazing! I'm so proud of you and all you are learning! Love you lots and can't wait to hear all about it when you get home!