Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Painful Thoughts

     Pain is such a relative idea.  For some people a simple needle prick practically requires a trip to the hospital while for some it takes a piece of bone sticking out for them to start to be concerned...  There have been many studies done on a person's pain threshold (the amount of discomfort it takes for a person to admit pain)  and people vary a lot.  Yet there seems to be one major factor in play.  It is so easy for a person in a well-developed country to admit pain and seek treatment.  Yet in many third-world countries where medical treatment is not readily available people are forced to ignore the pain and continue on as best they can.

    Recently I have experienced a lot of self-inflicted injuries to my arms, the left one in particular, and I have been down in the wards so my nurse friends can fix me up.  But I look around at the patients in the beds with tubes and wires connected to them, or large bandages around their legs or faces or jaws, and I cannot compare.  They have had to live with serious problems, most of their lives. 

So far during the field service in Togo, Mercy Ships has done:
430  Cataract Surgeries
64  Pterygium Surgeries
151  Maxillofacial Surgeries
16  Cleft Palate/Lip Repairs
66  Plastic Reconstructive Surgeries
134   Specialized Surgical Solutions/General Surgeries
(i.e. hernias and goiters)
5  VVF Surgeries
12  Patients in Palliative Care
88  Dentures provided
261  Clinical Dental Hygiene Services
5,117  Dental Care - tooth infections/decay procedures

Bringing Hope and Healing...

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  1. Wow. We have nothing that can compareto what they go through each and every day. It is soo cool how many surgeries MercyShips has done so far!! :)