Tuesday, May 1, 2012

All-American Apple Pie

     Last Thursday night I made apple pies for the whole crew.  I had planned on doing it earlier during the day, but it didn't work out, so from about 7:30p to 12am I worked on the pies (and left the next morning for Ghana).  It was a long process, but fun!  According to Ken they all tasted really good so success!  And yes, this was my first time really cooking pies...  Lesson Learned: don't be afraid to experiment!

I made a brown sugar, oatmeal, and cinnamon topping that went on top of the apples and under the top crust - mmmhmmmm!

End Result: 10 Pans of Apple Pie
1 Pan Cherry Pie
2 extra crusts


  1. Yum! Tell me you plan on making those in the States!

  2. Okay, Mom, my thoughts exactly... this cook/baker has to come home and make some of these creations in her mom's kitchen!