Saturday, February 25, 2012

I. Dare. You.

Poverty.  Disease.  Starvation. 
 Those three words are hard to face.  No one likes to stand up to them, many people try though.  Many throw those three words around and try to change the world.  Or to motivate other people to change the world.  But no matter how much we agree that those words need to go away, there is another word that makes it practically impossible to do so.
What does corruption really mean? According to Merriam-Webster it is "an impairment of integrity, virtue, or moral principle; depravity."  This word will not allow anything else to change or get better while there is money to be made from the status quo. Why would one do the right thing when it so much easier to get paid and look away?  Why feed those orphans when they'll probably die anyway?

If that doesn't make you sick, then you're either part of the problem or too jaded.  Jadedness is oh so easy to acquire.  It sneaks up as we watch the news, read books, articles, etc on this hurting world.  Its even shows up in birthday songs: "Sickness, sorrow, and despair.  People dying everywhere, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ..."  Only pictures can drive the numbness away.  Either that or getting out of the AC and off your tush and into the heat and stink of real life.

     "I want to change the world" is a common dream of kids everywhere. Yet for some reason the world seems to be much the same as before.  What if the goal changed slightly? What if we changed it to "Changing the world for one person at a time"?  Not only does the goal then become a lot more achievable but then the effects will become visible faster.  I dare you.  Show us what'cha got!

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  1. Totally agree with you. I had some thoughts about how people are here in Los Angeles as I was sitting in my college computer class. Some students were sleeping through the lessons, others are texting, others are looking at stuff on their laptops. Hardly anybody pays attention. I was wondering how these people one day will be productive and do what they need to do. These kinds of people might be the right candidates for corruption if they want money and don't have skills to make some! Paying attention in class and not cheating in tests is very basic and they won't do it. Christ is the solution to our deprived nature! Change starts with the little things at home, school, etc. I'm glad you have the opportunity to see the world from a point of view that most Americans will never see or smell! Praise God for His work in your heart!!
    Mrs. Powell