Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hitting the Ground Running

     So its official, surgeries started a week ago!  Its exciting to see the ship coming to life.  More and more medical crew have joined, mostly nurses, and now the patients have started arriving!  Hopefully I will get myself out of the kitchen and down several decks to visit patients and watch surgeries soon.  I've noticed that being a non-medical crew member on board a hospital ship is difficult at times.  If you don't make a visible effort, you can stay on board the ship and work and live "in Africa."  If you don't look out the window or go out in the humidity then does Africa really exist?  It can be so easy to say that "I'm tired" or that "I'll do it tomorrow."  The tiredness and tomorrows will never end.  Not only is it easier to avoid the real Africa, sometimes it can be difficult to want to get involved with the medical aspect.  Being behind the scenes can be frustrating, but it can be turned into a learning time.  During our devotions in the mornings our team leaders have stressed that we are not just serving the doctors, nurses, deckies, staff, visitors, and patients; we are serving God.  It helps to keep in mind that hope and healing for many is the end goal instead of receiving appreciation for your service.  It can be difficult, especially on days when nothing goes right.

   But, on the other hand, working in the Galley rocks because I can pretty much go in and cook or bake whenever I would like to.  It's easier to go after the other team is done working, or on break, or to get the needed ingredients and go to the Crew Galley.  My room mates have been asking me why I keep tempting them with all the goodies...  Chocolate chip cookies, cake, pudding pie, raisin bread, cheesy biscuits, mwahahahaha. :)

   My prayers lately have been to pray that the hospital can be run smoothly, surgeries are successful, and that people are changed -- not only the patients, but everyone involved in each step of the process.

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