Tuesday, February 7, 2012


     Screening day went really well and was such an answer to so many prayers.  Most of the guys on board were all night-security at the stadium and then about 3 AM all the nurses arrived.  Apparently there was only about 100 or so people lined up until about 3 in the morning and then it just exploded.  Because Togo is a shorter field service, there are not going to be any orthopedic surgeries.  The programs that will be up and running in Togo are Mercy Vision (eye),  Outlook of Hope (maxillo-facial), Reconstructing Hope (plastics), Specialized Surgical Solutions (life-changing general surgery), Hope Reborn (VVF), Togo Smiles (dental), and Palliative Care on the medical side.  And then on the capacity building side there will be leadership conferences, Restoring Hope (mental health counseling), and the HOPE (Hospital OutPatient Extension) Center.  Plus Mercy Ministries which crew members who are not working can join smaller outreaches to prisons, orphanages, schools, neighoborhooods, etc.