Tuesday, January 17, 2012

One week in!

     So I've officially started work in the Galley as of Friday!  Basically my responsibilities are to clean/cut/chop veggies and fruits, make dressings, bake bread and desserts, dishes, and clean floors!  One of the biggest job perks is that a couple of the day-workers are going to teach Emma and I how to speak French.  I might be able to actually speak a bit by the time the 5 months are over, amazingly enough!  When we start work in the morning, they will only talk to us in French and insist we reply in French and then drill us in verb tenses.  They are tough teachers and make sure we say it exactly right.  They especially  enjoy laughing at our attempts. :)

     Right now the ship isn't completely full so we're only cooking for about 200 people, but within two weeks the rest of the nurses, staff, and day-workers will fill the ship to about 500.  Not to mention the patients who will start coming in February.  It actually feels really dead right now, especially because everyone is working.

    Working in the galley is nice, because I don't HAVE to be on time for the meals and if I get hungry I can always go make myself something.  We work 2 days on, then 2 days off, and working every other weekend.  So I worked this weekend and now I only work 2 other days this week.  Sweetness!  Now I can stay up late/early with my roommate who works nights in reception and sleep in!  It has been freezing here lately.  And its not just the AC (it makes my room a fridge!) its been windy and about 30 degrees C. I wore a sweatshirt inside and outside, just because its only warm....not boiling...  And yes, there is a difference.


  1. Love the pictures of you with the ship...I guess it makes it seem more real, actually seeing you there! :)
    Miss you already!

  2. Thanks for the pictures, Tori!! Now we just need a picture of you and a Land Rover!! :)
    Love you!

  3. Great updates Tori! The girls have been praying for you every night. Linden always prays that the boat won't crash :). What a perk that you're going to learn French!

    Blessings, Aunt Laura

  4. We love to hear about every detail of your trip, Tori! We'll read every update and be praying, too. So amazing that you are actually there now.
    Christine B.