Thursday, January 12, 2012

My New Life

     So I promised pictures and since I have time, here they are.  It was the middle of the day when I took the pictures and cold camera + really hot and humid day = blurred edges.  

Land Rovers!!

Deck 7 starboard side...containers
This is the least expensive Starbucks I've ever seen!

Room 4418! The infamous 10 berth!

Our sitting area with 2 windows!

My bed

That's all folks!


  1. Thank you for posting pictures! So good to see that you're getting settled in over there!

  2. Hey the first picture of the boat isn't the one you are on right? It seems kind of small.

    1. Those boats are the Togolese Navy. I'm on a ship Dave, pictures will come...

  3. Hi Tori!
    Thanks for posting pictures. I've been thinking about you a lot! Can't wait to hear about the people you're meeting and the things you're doing, so PLEASE keep the posts coming! Love you lots!