Sunday, March 3, 2013

60 Minutes and the Africa Mercy

     Last year in Togo the 60 Minutes film crew came onboard the Africa Mercy and filmed the daily life on the floating hospital.  They ended up with about 33 hours of footage from normal meal times in the dining room, the hospital, interviews with Don Stevens, work in the Galley and Dining Room, Reception, and along the streets of Lome.  A couple weeks ago they finally released their special on Mercy Ships!


If you are unable to view the video, here is a link:

     I am not in the video.  But I do know a lot of people featured.  I know Carys Parker fairly well, I was helping her and another girl study Biology last spring, she is a sweet mature girl.  Ali and Phil Chandra came back to the ship this fall with their adorable baby.  I am so honored to have known these people!

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