Saturday, June 2, 2012

60 Minutes

      60 Minutes was filming on board the Africa Mercy!  The crew was told about a month and half ago that the filming crew would be coming, and filming wrapped up last week.  The crew was banned from discussing it with anyone or on anything until just recently.  60 Minutes filmed quite a bit - roughly 1,800 minutes of footage.  They focused on the hospital, but also got a lot of footage of daily life.  When the camera was rolling around the dining room, it was the cue for me and some friends to get out of there.  But,  I was in the Galley when Ken gave the tour to Don Stephens and then I was on the dock when they were filming during fire the drill.  So that means I've got about 1/18th of a chance to make it into the 12 minute program that will air this fall.  It will be so cool to watch it and point out the people I know!!

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