Friday, December 30, 2011

The countdown to go to Togo has begun!

One Week.  That's how long until I leave for Togo.  For 5 months.  Wow, it still hasn't sunk in.  I'm sure it I board the plane.

"Last" has become a theme in my life lately.  My "last" day at Goldpine, "last" week at Target, "last" Sunday, "last" few shots, "last" chiro visit,  "last" time to see friends.... Boy, that list is depressing.  Well, sometimes "last" is a good thing...particularly in reference to shots!

It's really interesting to see and hear peoples' reactions to learning about my trip:
"This will change your life" (That's the goal.)
"You will never forget this" (I'm not planning on it.)
"Take lots of pictures" (I'm bringing a camera.)
"You must be really excited!" (No, that's why I'm grinning my ears off every single time my trip is brought up.)
"Don't, like, get hurt or anything while you're over there" (Wouldn't it be more exciting to say that I died in Africa than "Tori died in the woods..."?)
"You're doing what I've always wanted to do" (What's stopping you from doing it now?)
"You're paying to go and work in Africa? Honey, you've got it all wrong!" (Um, nope!)
"Togo? Is that anywhere near Africa?" (Just the same continent.)
"Should I be scared that you're working in a kitchen?" (Only if you're on my hit list...)

So, a bajilion weeks down, one to go.  And to Togo I go!


  1. Love your Blog, Tory and will look forward to reading it whenever you post! We are very excited that you will have this experience!
    Love & Prayers==Karen and Gary

  2. Your so funny! I look forward to reading about your adventures! Have fun!

  3.'re too funny! But, you forgot one on that list: "I'm going to miss you!" :)


  4. Tori;
    I look foward to reading about your adventures. We will continue to pray for your health and safety.


  5. Tori-
    It's been like 32 hours since I last saw you. I already miss you a LOT! <3 I love you, Tori!! I will pray for you everyday. Tenga un tiempo asombroso, mi querida hermana!