Saturday, January 5, 2013

Last Week in Africa - In Photos

Sinterclaas (Dutch version of Santa Claus) arrived on the ship Dec 5th 
Saying goodbye to Dennis and Bronte.  I first met them when I arrived on the ship almost a year ago.  I flew in with Dennis and became friends with Bronte.

Trip down to the Big Fridge on Deck 2 for supplies

The Galley would go through all this fresh produce in about 4 days.

You know you've been on the ship too long when the oranges and cucumbers look the same!! Lizzie and I had to feel them to figure out which was which...the cucumber is in her left hand.

Perfect example of how the ship can unite people even with the most major differences...a Barcalona fan and a Real Madrid fan became buddies!
Day in the Pharmacy! I was placed in charge of counting pills.

After my last football (soccer) practice, I needed a shower.

James became the Tuna Salad Wizard

Crazy last days in the Galley

I was blessed to work with some amazing women.
Naomi, Florence, Edwina, Lorinda and I had so much fun.

Moving bunks in the 8 berth at midnight is highly entertaining.

School for the Deaf.  Papanie, on the left, is a good friend of mine.

School for the Deaf.

To get out of the port we would walk through this, its fairly traffic-free in this picture.  You can see the  Africa Mercy  straight ahead.

More amazing people I worked with from the Galley and the Dining Room.

13 people in the van...always room for one more! 
Roxanna, Brandon, and James.  Three of my best friends.
The ever helpful Storemen, Morlaye, Edward, and Daniel.  These guys are awesome.