Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Adventure Continues!

     When I first started hearing about Mercy Ships and began thinking about joining the organization, I started to get the idea that this was almost addictive.  Both Rachel and Anna not only extended the first time they joined the ship but they also went back.  So, not wanting to break the mold I am going back to join the Africa Mercy this fall.  I enjoyed my time there so much.  I learned a lot: not only about cooking but also about myself.  I made so many good friends on and off ship.  Not everyone that I knew on board will still be there, but some of the best are still there.

     I started considering going back to the ship about a month before I left.  So, to see if there was any availability in the Galley I emailed the IOC in Texas.  When the reply told me that there was no spaces until next year, I figured that this wasn't God's plan.  Or not.  I talked to my boss Ken and told him I had tried but there was no spot, he said to wait and that someone on the other team was switching departments earlier than expected and there was a vacancy in the Galley.  So, Ken pulled strings and I requested those specific dates and everything fell into place.  I purchased my plane ticket and I will be in Conakry, Guinea from October 3rd to December 15th (ish) this fall!

     While raising support for my previous trip To Togo this spring I was blessed to receive more than I needed to go.  Those funds can and will now carry over for this fall!  I currently have 76% of the funds that I need to go back.  I am so thankful to everyone who supported me with prayer, well wishes, emails, and financially.  I invite you to join me in yet another adventure!

This is a video that one of the Academy Students on board made for her work experience week in the Galley.  Gives ya'll a glimpse of what happens on board!